Rock the Block

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At Rock the Block events, residents, municipalities and community partners collaborate with Habitat in targeted neighborhoods during a concentrated period of time to complete home repair and preservation projects for low income homeowners, and community projects to improve and beautify the neighborhood surrounding the homes.

For families to succeed, sometimes the dynamics of their neighborhood have to change. Neighborhood Revitalization is a holistic approach that expands Habitat’s traditional partnership with new homeowners and volunteers to include neighbors and local organizations for a far greater impact.

While new home construction continues to play a vital role, a bigger toolbox that includes repairs and other services allows Habitat to serve more families. Neighborhood Revitalization starts at the grassroots level — with people in the community determining the goals for their neighborhood.

Goals for Neighborhood Revitalization include serving more families through an expanded array of housing products; demonstrating an improved quality of life in the communities where we serve; broaden the base of Habitat’s financial support and to increase volunteer participation.

Rock the Block | An Event of Neighborhood Revitalization

Rock the Block is coming!   Here’s a guide to the basics, and information on how YOU can be a part of transforming communities and improving lives here in the Fox Cities.

What is Rock the Block?

Rock the Block is an event held in a targeted neighborhood for a concentrated period of time, focusing on small-scale home repair and preservation projects for low income homeowners, and community projects to improve and beautify the neighborhood surrounding the homes.

Rock the Block events showcase Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program, which brings people together to improve the quality of life in targeted neighborhoods.  Neighborhood revitalization will look different in each target neighborhood based on the needs and interests of the residents.  Beyond the Rock the Block event, residents in targeted neighborhoods will also be given access to Habitat’s home repair program providing critical home repairs, weatherization and larger-scale home preservation work. 

Rock the Block events will likely occur in a targeted neighborhoods where whole house rehabilitation and new construction are already underway or planned for the near future.   By offering a mix of housing solutions, we can work with residents and community partners to truly transform neighborhoods in need.

Why Rock the Block?

It’s a path for residents, organizations, volunteers and Habitat for Humanity to come together to assist low income residents, maintain home ownership rates, improve the housing stock and increase neighborhood pride.

What does Rock the Block look like?

Imagine over 500 of your closest friends, family and community members circling around this neighborhood, coming together and lifting it up through park clean ups, exterior home repairs, landscaping, painting and more!

Who’s Involved?

Rock the Block is a true collaboration involving residents, municipalities, local businesses, schools, faith communities and other non-profits. The residents will play a key role in determining what’s needed to improve the quality of life where they live. Community partners will vary based on the needs and interests of the residents.

Who’s paying for this?

Homeowners will pay for their home improvements through non-interest deferred loans. Homeowner’s loan payments and community investments into Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization Investment fund financially support the community projects and related program expenses.    

How can you learn more?

Contact Habitat’s Rock the Block department by email at To volunteer for this event, click Volunteer Link to see available shifts.


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