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The Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to provide simple, decent and affordable housing. This mission is fulfilled through our programs, which help families become homeowners, help low-income homeowners complete home repair projects, help families improve their financial situations to qualify for Habitat homeownership, and help current Habitat homeowners through financial emergencies.

Habitat is not a giveaway program. Partner families pay Habitat through a no-profit, no-interest loan, an investment of “sweat equity” and participation in education related to budgeting and home maintenance.  The payments made by partner families are then re-invested into the program to serve more families in need of safe, decent, affordable housing.

Fox Cities Habitat is an innovative leader in diverse housing solutions by empowering families and inspiring community-wide action to break the cycle of poverty. Habitat for Humanity is an equal housing opportunity organization.



How the Habitat Homebuyer Program Works: Habitat for Humanity offers a homebuyer program to qualified low-income individuals and families in the Fox Cities. Habitat extends a 0% interest mortgage loan.  Monthly mortgage payments include repayment to Habitat for the home (principal), as well as for property taxes and home insurance (escrow). 

Where to Start

Habitat Homebuyer Readiness Info Sessions
Habitat will host a brief 1 hour Homebuyer Readiness informational session. We will cover general information about Habitat’s housing ministry and how applicants qualify to purchase a home with Habitat. If you want to learn more about Habitat before you apply, please join us! Please feel free to contact Habitat if you have any questions.

   The next meeting date is: July 10th, 2019 at 921 Midway Road in Menasha at 10am and 6pm

Qualified applicants will need to meet the Selection Criteria and other requirements listed below:

NEED | Applicants must be in need of housing due to any of the following situations:

                  Structurally substandard, unsafe, or unhealthy living conditions
                  Temporary housing or over-crowded living conditions
                  Housing costs (rent + utilities) exceeds 30% of gross monthly household income
                  Housing is inaccessible
                  Reside in subsidized or transitional housing (section 8, Title 42, etc)

ABILITY TO PAY | Habitat will evaluate applicants’ household income and debt. 

Applicants must be comfortable with a monthly mortgage payment from $450 to $750 (depending upon income) and must have enough income through stable employment or other forms of permanent income to afford a home and all basic living expenses.

Income includes all wages, unemployment (only if related to seasonal employment), social security, pension and/or disability. Self employment income is defined as the “Net Profit” [line 31, Schedule C (1040)]. Income can also include child support, kinship care and other types of income which is received on a regular basis and is needed to cover monthly expenses. All income sources are included when they are expected to last for 3 years or longer.

2018 Income Guidelines are based on family size. Your gross annual income must be at or above the minimum and at or below the maximum. 

2018 Homeownership Income Guidelines

Family Size




Applicants’ credit history does not need to be perfect.  Many applicants have some debt.  Is it important for applicants to know how much is owed and for the total amount of debt to be manageable.
                  All collection debt must have proof of active payment plans or be paid in full
                  Judgments for money must be satisfied.  [Go to CCAP – Wisconsin Circuit Court Access at:]
                  Bankruptcy or foreclosure must have been satisfied for at least six months
                  It is recommended that applicants obtain a free copy of their credit report to ensure all credit is reported accurately [Go to ]

 WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER | Applicants must be willing to work in partnership with Habitat with their positive and active involvement in the Homebuyer Sweat Equity Program.  Applicants must be willing to complete 300 to 500 hours of sweat equity by attending  classes and workshops, working at the Habitat ReStore,  participating in Habitat or ReStore events, and building on other homes as well as your own. 
                 *Accommodations for health and employment issues will be made on a case by case basis


  • Divorce proceedings must have known finalization date
  • Applicant(s) must have entered the US legally and provide applicable documentation
  • Applicant must clear a criminal background check
  • It is important to determine who the homebuyers will be when there are multiple adults who are planning to live in the home permanently
  • Wisconsin is a marital property state and Habitat requires married couples to apply jointly
  • All adult (over 18) household members must sign a general release for a background check and other verification
  • Habitat is unable serve applicants if any household member is a registered sex offender
  • Any convictions(s) which are recent and/or severe in nature will be evaluated on a case by case basis

How to Apply

Individuals interested in home ownership through Habitat will need to complete and submit a pre-application document along with a $25 application fee when pre-applications are open.    

Pre-application period:

             July 10, 2019 – July 24, 2019

Pre-applications are available: Habitat for Humanity’s office, located at 921 Midway Road, Menasha
Request to receive by mail or email: (920) 967-8887 or

Pre-application steps to complete:
                  Obtain the pre-application (available October 3rd)

                  Submit the pre-application (in-person or by mail – pre-applications must be post marked no later than the last day of open period)
                  Include a $25 pre-application fee made payable to “Habitat”  (personal check, money order, or cashier’s check only  – no cash)
                 Check your public record for Judgements or Leins – You may have a court-ordered judgement and not even know it! Judgements or liens need to be paid before Habitat can work with you. Go to: before applying.

                  Applicant Guidelines
                  How Do I Calculate My Income?
                  General Release Other Adult Household Members                                                                                                                    

*Every adult (over 18 years) must sign a general release form. All married couples must sign a joint release form. 

*Pre-Applications submitted electronically or without pre-application fee will be considered incomplete.

Not Ready to Apply? Contact Habitat for Your Options

Our family services staff can work with you to find where you are at in your homeownership journey and provide appropriate resources.

For email inquiries:

Call 920.967.8887 for details on this program.

Home Repair

Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity united with Rebuilding Together Fox Valley   now providing collaborative home repair services for low income homeowners and easy access to home repair through a single point of entry into services from both organizations.

Qualified homeowners can use the Home Repair program to address a variety of home repair needs, such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Ceiling repairs
  • Exterior painting
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Window & door replacements 
  • Furnace and water heater replacements

All home repairs are led by trained crew leaders and completed by volunteers. Homeowners actively participate in their projects by working side by side with volunteers and completing sweat equity hours. Staff will hire sub contractors to complete work such as plumbing and electrical as needed. Home repair projects are not available for mobile homes.

Through our repair projects, homeowners are able to restore their homes to being safe, healthy, and decent environments.

Learn More about the Home Repair Program:

Head to to see how you can get started with this collaborative program!

Apply Now! Applications are accepted year round.

Questions?  Send us an email at

Call 920.967.8898 for details on this program.

Almost Home

Providing case management services and holistic support for families working toward home ownership and those at risk of becoming delinquent on their mortgages.

The Almost Home program is a collaboration between Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin. Program Coordinator, Kristi Clover, provides real case management services to families seeing homeownership or Habitat homeowners who have experienced a change in circumstances. 

Almost Home addresses the needs of prospective homeowners who lack of sufficient income or financial stability. Services are also provided to existing Habitat homeowners who are struggling due to a change in financial situation to make their monthly mortgage payments. This program can be seen as a stepping stone in the housing continuum as well as a safe guard to keep families moving in the right direction on that continuum.

The Almost Home Program works with participants to:

  • Assess your situation and identify the help you may need
  • Develop a plan tailored to you and your family
  • Monitor your progress and keep you on track with your plans.
  • Guide you to resources to help you improve:
    • Your income or job situation
    • Your work skills
    • Family finances & planning
    • Debt & credit problems
    • Health or other family issues
Call 920.954.8702 for details on this program.

Rock the Block

Learn more about Rock the Block event specifics!

At Rock the Block events, residents, municipalities and community partners collaborate with Habitat in targeted neighborhoods during a concentrated period of time to complete home repair and preservation projects for low income homeowners, and community projects to improve and beautify the neighborhood surrounding the homes.

For families to succeed, sometimes the dynamics of their neighborhood have to change. Neighborhood Revitalization is a holistic approach that expands Habitat’s traditional partnership with new homeowners and volunteers to include neighbors and local organizations for a far greater impact.

While new home construction continues to play a vital role, a bigger toolbox that includes repairs and other services allows Habitat to serve more families. Neighborhood Revitalization starts at the grassroots level — with people in the community determining the goals for their neighborhood.

Goals for Neighborhood Revitalization include serving more families through an expanded array of housing products; demonstrating an improved quality of life in the communities where we serve; broaden the base of Habitat’s financial support and to increase volunteer participation.

Rock the Block® | An Event of Neighborhood Revitalization

Rock the Block® is coming!   Here’s a guide to the basics, and information on how YOU can be a part of transforming communities and improving lives here in the Fox Cities.

What is Rock the Block®?

Rock the Block® is an event held in a targeted neighborhood for a concentrated period of time, focusing on small-scale home repair and preservation projects for low income homeowners, and community projects to improve and beautify the neighborhood surrounding the homes.

Rock the Block® events showcase Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program, which brings people together to improve the quality of life in targeted neighborhoods.  Neighborhood revitalization will look different in each target neighborhood based on the needs and interests of the residents.  Beyond the Rock the Block® event, residents in targeted neighborhoods will also be given access to Habitat’s home repair program providing critical home repairs, weatherization and larger-scale home preservation work. 

Rock the Block® events will likely occur in a targeted neighborhoods where whole house rehabilitation and new construction are already underway or planned for the near future.   By offering a mix of housing solutions, we can work with residents and community partners to truly transform neighborhoods in need.

Why Rock the Block®?

It’s a path for residents, organizations, volunteers and Habitat for Humanity to come together to assist low income residents, maintain home ownership rates, improve the housing stock and increase neighborhood pride.

Who’s involved?

Rock the Block® is a true collaboration involving residents, municipalities, local businesses, schools, faith communities and other non-profits.  The residents will play a key role in determining what’s needed to improve the quality of life where they live.   Community partners will vary based on the needs and interests of the residents.

Who’s paying for this?

Homeowners will pay for their home improvements through non-interest deferred loans.  Homeowner’s loan payments and community investments into Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization Investment fund financially support the community projects and related program expenses.    

How can you learn more?

Contact Habitat’s Rock the Block department by email at To volunteer for this event, click Volunteer Link to see available shifts.

Homeowner Education

Fox Cities Habitat is a nonprofit committed to building the quality of life, health and prosperity of the greater Fox Cities area through the production and preservation of homeownership – because homes and families are the foundation of successful communities.

Family partners are educated and prepared before closing on their project with Habitat in order to be set up for success. Financial literacy, home maintenance, green living, good neighbor and a wide range of other courses are taught for families in our programs.

To learn more about our homeowner education programming, contact Family Services Coordinator, Nikki Dahlke at

Call 920.967.8889 for details on this program.

Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity envisions a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat works towards this mission through tithing and global village trips.


Fox Cities Habitat is working to eliminate substandard housing worldwide by tithing 10% of unrestricted funds to Habitat locations in developing countries. In partnership with Hábitat para la Humanidad Mexico, Fox Cities Habitat has tithed over $500,000 serving over 100 families in need.

Global Homebuilding

Staff, volunteers and community members volunteer abroad to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the local community. During the “volunteer vacation”, team members learn about substandard housing, community development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. The funds raised help build decent shelter in the country visited.

Currently, Fox Cities Habitat sends teams to build with a Habitat affiliate in Panajachel, Guatemala. Learn more about the teams adventures at

Call 920.967.8889 for details on this program.