why habitat

Why Habitat

Habitat impacts every area of a family’s life – health, safety, education outcomes, and financial opportunity. And the impact grows with each generation.

The Need

One third of all Wisconsinites spend over half their income on housing, making it hard to achieve financial stability. We’re working to change that.

You Can Help

Your financial support, your time and your voice will help bring independence to families in need of a decent place to live.

Our Impact

  • Home ownership improves feelings of safety and stability, and provides a positive influence on educational goals of both children and adults.
  • Home ownership improves long-term economic situations of the homeowners.
  • Well-maintained homes improve health, especially respiratory health.
  • Home repairs, rehab of blighted properties and newly constructed homes increase overall property values, resulting in more equity for homeowners.
  • Relationships and engagement between residents and institutions increases civic action and confidence in the neighborhood, directly impacting quality of life.

In 2017, Fox Cities Habitat conducted a Family Impact Study to look at the long term effects of homeownership in the lives of our families. In the words of our homeowners:

“My son was 10 when the home was built. He was so proud when we built the house. I remember on the building site that he would proudly wear every day the stick-on name tag that has his name on it and said “homeowner” underneath it. He is now a business school graduate working in the field of finance.”

“Our son has problems with asthma and allergies and he is much healthier in our new house.”

“Going through the Habitat process meant that I had to rely on and save myself. My parents are so supportive, but they would not have been able to provide this solid environment that my Habitat home provides.”

“My favorite part of the house is that it’s mine. I am responsible for it. It gives me a sense of freedom and independence.”