is a new adventure

Sherry, a mother of three, grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren, and one adorable great-grandson, is an inspiration to all.

SherryC.S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a NEW DREAM.”

This quote embodies Sherry and her life journey while continuing to love, care, and inspire her children and grandchildren.

Her granddaughter Issabelle says the following about her grandmother, “she tries her hardest to be gentle – has her own sense of fashion.” Mariska says, “BEST G-MA EVER! Best baker, best cook too! I like to help grandma bake, cook, clean, and take care of Gannon.” Theresa says “there is no one woman on this earth who compares to you, Grandma. You are the most loving, caring, compassionate person & I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. You go above and beyond for me and Gannon, as well as our other family & friends who are extremely lucky to have you in their lives. I don’t think there is a more deserving woman – Love you!”

We indeed are blessed and lucky to have Sherry as part of our Habitat family. This fall will mark Sherry’s 70th mission trip as a lead cook and she will be a co-leader for the first time.

Shortly after retiring, Sherry adventured with a dear friend to take a mission trip. Although her thought of missionaries was about people going overseas, she quickly realized the endless opportunities in her own country and home.

Sherry’s life journey prepared her to serve with faith and love. She had the fortune as a cook to prepare meals, as a waitress to attend to the needs of her clients, as a bartender to connect and lend a listening ear to those hurting, and as a UPS worker for many years, to delight families with a package or two!

Following her first mission trip, Sherry became a seasoned missionary and devotes her time to go on mission trips and use her talents; notably, cooking to feed the volunteer with succulent meals.

Sherry’s story takes a wonderful and unexpected turn when she meets a long-time Habitat for Humanity supporter, Mary Beth Nienhaus. She learns about Habitat’s homebuyer program and she is encouraged by Mary Beth to apply to the program.

It’s that voice you hear in your heart or the whisper that gives you a nudge to find courage to take that first step and apply to the program.

“I sometime need to pinch myself because this seems so surreal, and I realize how blessed I am to make my dream come true and have my own space for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to share hope in making their dreams come true,” says Sherry.

During this pandemic, Sherry spends her time cooking, baking, and doing various projects with her family. She is currently preparing to bake Easter cookies, which she plans to deliver to her neighbors.

Sherry is a delightful and generous lady. She will be helping Fox Cities Habitat with reaching out to donors.

Speaking with Sherry, the following anonymous quote came to mind, “Don’t be afraid to get back up again—to try again, to love again, to live again, and to dream again. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart.”

Much of our work for the weeks and months ahead has changed since the COVID-19 crisis began. As the circumstances have evolved during this pandemic, our work has evolved too.

Right now, we’re taking immediate steps to support local families to prevent foreclosures and to access resources available through the CARES Act. And we’re launching online financial education tools to teach people how to repair credit and get themselves mortgage-ready in the future.

Our organization, like so many others, will be hit hard financially as we have to postpone and cancel fundraising events and close our ReStore outlets, both of which provide needed revenue to sustain our operations.

This year, we set out to welcome 17 families into homes. While this will be difficult without volunteer help—which we’ve postponed for the foreseeable future—we are considering all of our alternatives to ensure families have the strength, stability, and independence that a home affords.

Although you cannot join us on the construction site to help build with hammers and nails, you can help us with a financial donation today.

As you know, the current challenges are bringing us together in new but different ways; we must continue that unity to take care of our neighbors during this critical time.

We encourage you to engage with sharing your creative DIY projects on the Fox Cities Habitat ReStore Facebook page in the link below to bring the community together.

If you are called to give differently, the link below will help us pursue our goal to raise dollars with our EVERY NAIL. EVERY DOLLAR campaign.

Thank you for standing with us.


John Weyenberg