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Support Affordable Housing in Your Community,
Donate to ReStore

Donating your new and gently used building materials, furniture, appliances, and tools to Habitat ReStore directly impacts your community. For ReStore shoppers, your donated items become a cost-effective solution for home repairs and upgrades. Landfill waste is reduced. Housing is made affordable through Habitat for Humanity Programs. Your donation is tax deductible with a value determined by you.

Donation Guidelines

All donated materials must be in working condition. Materials must be free of mold, water damage, and excessive wear. All donated materials should be free of hazardous materials/chemicals to the best of your knowledge.

Download List of Accepted Donations to view items currently accepted for donation.

If we are unable to accept your donation items, check List of Community Resources to learn of other opportunities to donate, recycle, or dispose.

Do you have a way to get your donation to us?

If so, please bring your donation to either Appleton Habitat ReStore location Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


You can also email inquiries to Or call (920) 967-8907.
For more information regarding Deconstruction Services, click here.

Unfortunately, we are currently NOT accepting:

**older than 10 years/non-working appliances

Building Materials
**materials with left-behind grout, nails, screws, or mold/rot will not be accepted
Commercial doors
Vinyl siding
Used flooring of any kind
Hollow-core doors
Garage doors
Used ceiling tiles or tiles containing asbestos
Unframed windows
Laminate flooring made in China (as it may contain formaldehyde)
Drain tile or edging
Lumber/trim under 4’ in length
Window sashes/replacements
Windows over 4’ in either length or width
Tile/vinyl/laminate flooring without original box

Fireplace inserts (gas or electric)
Fluorescent bulbs and fixtures
Mercury-containing bulbs
Mercury-containing thermostats
Smoke alarms/fire safety devices

**of any kind including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, CRT TVs and computer monitors, computer equipment/peripherals like keyboards and mice, DVD players, stereos and speakers, exercise equipment including treadmills and bikes, and satellite/entertainment equipment

Baby furniture/cribs
Entertainment centers/TV cabinets
Computer armoires/cabinets
Mattresses/box springs
Sleeper sofas
Futon frames and mattresses
Metal desks
Desks over 4’ in length
Conference tables
Office partitions/cubicle panels
Waterbed frames

Home Goods
Used window shades/blinds
Unframed mirrors
New-in-box window shades/blinds without blue seal “Certified: Best for Kids”
Holiday decorations including Christmas trees (holiday lights – OK)
Clothing, linens, bedding, and draperies

Toilets more than 1.6 GPF
Vanity tops without base cabinets
Used shower doors
Bevel-edge, unframed mirrors

Habitat ReStore volunteers and staff reserve the right to decline any donation for any reason based on visual inspection.