Almost Home

Providing case management services and holistic support for families working toward home ownership and those at risk of becoming delinquent on their mortgages.

Family Services Director, Kristi Clover, and Almost Home Coordinator, Nicole Kordus provide real case management services to families seeking homeownership or Habitat homeowners who have experienced a change in circumstances. 

Almost Home addresses the needs of prospective homeowners who lack sufficient income or financial stability. Services are also provided to existing Habitat homeowners who are struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments due to a change in financial situation. This program can be seen as a stepping stone in the housing continuum as well as a safeguard to keep families moving in the right direction on that continuum.

The Almost Home program works with participants to:

  • Assess your situation and identify the help you may need
  • Develop a plan tailored to you and your family
  • Monitor your progress and keep you on track with your plans
  • Guide you to resources to help you improve:
    • Your income or job situation
    • Your work skills
    • Family finances & planning
    • Debt & credit problems
    • Health or other family issues

Call 920-967-8888 or 920-967-8915 for details on this program.