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Our Goal: Raise $325,000 by July 31st!

together we can open doors in the Greater Fox Cities Area!

every nail. every dollar. every donation opens a door.
Please join in building a stronger community for the Greater Fox Cities Area — one where everyone has a decent place to live. Together we build a better future.

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What is Habitat for Humanity?
A nonprofit housing organization whose vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

How does Habitat help families?
We help build strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with families in need of a decent, affordable home.

How does Habitat work?
Families apply for homeownership. The Selection Committee follows a nondiscriminatory policy based on need, willingness to partner, and ability to repay a mortgage. Habitat homebuyers invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity, working alongside volunteers. In addition, they receive homebuyer education to ensure a stable, self-reliant future.

How does Habitat affect me?
Habitat brings people and communities together. Volunteers, homeowners and neighbors work side-by-side for a common good. When everyone has a decent place to live, our neighborhoods are safer and more stable. Together we build a stronger community. And a better future for all.

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$25 box of nails
One might argue it’s the essential building block. Nails seem small but they’re not insignificant. Every nail holds together a home for a family in need.

$50 paint New homeowners and their children will never forget the sense of pride they feel painting their own home.
$100 window The beaming sunlight of hope streams through the windows brightening the lives of a hardworking family. Looking inside, one sees the promising futures of those blessed by your gift.
$250 front door The front door offers entry into a safe haven, unlocking a world of opportunity for the family who walks through it. Over the years, that door will open again and again as the homeowners welcome family and friends.
$500 insulation Insulation creates the warmth and comfort that help children sleep comfortably at night. A well insulated home allows families to spend less on utility costs and more on education and health care.
$1,000 bedroom For some, moving into their Habitat home is the first time a child gets to sleep in his or her own bed, not on a mattress on the floor. A safe bedroom is where children find peaceful slumber that allows for the sweetest of dreams.
$2,500 family room Your generosity provides a family room, a place to make memories and celebrate milestones. So often this is the heart of the home, where families gather to live, learn, and teach valuable lessons.
$5,000 bathroom A bathroom free of mold, and with clean running water is a generous gift that impacts the lives of the whole family.
$10,000 kitchen The kitchen is a place where life happens. This is where we gather to share a meal, share our daily stories and life’s dearest moments.
$25,000 roof & walls When roofs and walls become rooms, families celebrate milestones, experience empowerment , and feel hope for their future.

every nail. every dollar.
every donation opens a door.

Our goal: RAISE $325,000 BY JULY 30!

donate now!

GIVE BY JULY 15th your donation DOUBLED by anonymous donors!

lives touched here in the Fox Cities

George & Jan Elias

My wife and I have been donating to Habitat for 20 years. It’s gratifying to know our money is helping the community and changing lives. I also volunteer at ReStore and help coach homeowners on managing money. It’s fulfilling to see how much they put into becoming homeowners. They help build their homes and go through training to ensure success in their journey. It’s a change in people that’s monumental. I’m so grateful to be a part of helping to make that happen.

Nicole Willes

Having a home has changed our lives in ways most people take for granted. My kids can play in the neighborhood and walk to school. We trick-or-treated for the first time. And, we hosted our first Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Family means everything and we’re blessed to have had so many firsts this year. When you donate to Habitat, you’re changing a family’s life for the better. We are forever grateful.

Luke Schmid
Student Volunteer

I signed up for construction class at Appleton West. When my teacher said we were building a house for a Habitat family, I was excited, but had no idea what would be involved. I got hands-on experience building a home. The cool part was the homeowner was helping to build her home right along side us. When we saw how much joy it brought to her and her family it really made me feel good about what we had done.

Don & Jo Ann Lang
Senior Crew Volunteers

I’ve been volunteering at ReStore for 7 years. My wife, JoAnn, has been working in home building with Habitat for 10. I really love how Habitat helps people help themselves. I volunteer with numerous people at ReStore who purchased a home built by Habitat. They put in a lot of sweat equity to get their home and they’re still giving back to Habitat with their time today. It feels really good to be a part of something that changes lives.

Frank & Sandy McArdle

every nail. every dollar.
every donation opens a door.

donate now!