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Senior Crew Spotlight | Gary Lallensack

Tell us a little about your background (where you grew up, your family, your career, etc.)

I grew up on a farm just outside the small town of Belgium, WI. The farm was just off Lake Michigan by 2 miles, we had a beautiful view of the lake. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I guess my parents needed lots of help to run the farm. I joined the Air Force in 1968. I was stationed in Kansas as an Avionic repair technician working on C130s. I was fortunate to be able to travel to Europe on multiple TDYs (Temporary Duty Assignment) during my 4 year tour of duty. When I got out of the Air Force I landed a job with what was then the UNIVAC computer company. It eventually became UNISYS. I was transferred to Appleton in 1975 where I met my wife Jill. We raise two Sons, both who still reside in Appleton. I took a job in the IT Department at Menasha Corporation in 1993. I worked there until my retirement in 2015. We have one beautiful grand daughter.
Gary Lallensack at PAC
What made you decide to volunteer for Habitat?

A friend of mine handed me a flyer about an informational meeting regarding Habitat at Bible Study one day. He knew I was recently retired and looking for Volunteer opportunities. I attended the meeting and decided to help with Cashiering at the ReStore.

When not volunteering with Habitat what do you do? (other volunteering, hobbies, work, etc.)
I volunteer at St Bernadette Parish in multiple capacities. I am an avid Cyclist biking well over 5,000 miles per year. My wife and I go on at least one week long bike trip somewhere in the US every year.

What do you enjoy most about Habitat? (what work do you like most, what keeps you coming back, etc.)
I enjoy Cashiering. I get to meet lost of interesting people on every shift. Habitat is a great organization with dedicated people who sincerely appreciate all of it’s Volunteers.

What is something about you that might be a surprise to those with whom you volunteer?
My wife and I live in a Solar Envelope home.

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