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Habitat News

Donor Spotlight | First United Methodist Church – Appleton

One of our supporting faith communities has just stepped up to make a major commitment our affiliate. First United Methodist will be sponsoring a full home build with us as part of the 2018 build season.

The church is committed to their location in downtown Appleton. Launching a major campaign to renovate the church in 2017, they raised nearly $1.8 million in pledges to repair and upgrade facilities throughout their church complex.

“Rebuilding the church”, however, also meant helping to rebuild the community around them. We spoke at several services during the campaign period and the church is committing $75,000 of their pledges to sponsor and build a Habitat home.

“I’m very excited to move forward” said Senior Pastor Markus Wegenast, “I will work on getting a team of interested people together to meet with Habitat.”

The church will be building with Cha Vang in Appleton. Work will begin in late July and last through October. If you are a member of First United Methodist, or want to support them in their build, volunteer to make this build a true “building of the church.”

For more information on supporting our work, contact Tom Simon of the Habitat Development Office at or (920) 967-8883.

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