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Habitat News

Donor Spotlight | Milton and Trudy Staskal

If you work on our upcoming build in Shiocton, you can thank Milton and Trudy Staskal for making this happen.

Milton is a retired UCC Pastor. Has supported our work in the past but now is retired in New London.

A sponsor for our Shiocton Build fell through this December. With only a couple of months until the build, we reached out to Milton and Trudy to ask their help.

Without even knowing our family or build location, they immediately offered us $10,000 as a matching gift toward whatever we could raise from the local community. They gave us names of people they knew and suggestions on who to reach out to.

The build will happen because people like Milton and Trudy have stepped up. We hope to bring them by the build site to introduce them to our family, Juan and Yolanda, and all our volunteers.

If you would like to contribute to the match, or can help our reach out to Shiocton area businesses and groups, please contact Tom Simon at [email protected] or (920)967-8883.

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