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Habitat News

25 Years | New Store, New Staff

2018 marks Fox Cities Habitat’s 25th anniversary. In celebration, we’ll be sharing stories and memories from the Habitat family. Have a memory you’d like to share? Contact Jodi Isom at

Learn more from the perspective of Amy Graber, Store Manager of Habitat ReStore West!

“Why Habitat for Humanity is important to me:

Recently I accepted a job with Habitat for Humanity. Honestly for the first time in my 47 years, I am filled with pride when I tell friends and acquaintances, where it is that I work. A “home” or “habitat” means so much to me. My own home brings me so much peace and comfort that it inspires me to work passionately so that others may know that same peace and comfort. It is exceptionally motivating knowing that the work I do everyday supports a bigger vision and mission to offer a hand up to those making their temporary home or working towards owning their very own home.

As I said my home brings me peace of mind and comfort. It is where I recharge my soul and reconnect with those that I love. I am humbled by our many volunteers that give so freely of themselves everyday. It is my pleasure and honor to work also to help as many clients as possible, to realize the same peace and comfort that comes with a decent place to live. The comfort of a home of one’s own.”

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