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Habitat News

25 Years | A Homeowner Reflects

2018 marks Fox Cities Habitat’s 25th anniversary. In celebration, we’ll be sharing stories and memories from the Habitat family. Have a memory you’d like to share? Contact Jodi Isom at [email protected]

Why I love Habitat- a note from Gabrielle Process

“I love Habitat because of all the good they do for people! The best exercise you can do is lifting people up and using your energy to build houses to improve people’s lives! I’m for anything  that makes this world a brighter place, not only for the homeowners but also for the volunteers who get to help and all the supporters that make it all happen.

I remember when I found out they were going to build my house, I was so excited! Then the wait to start, all the preparations, and finally building and the dedication. It was fun and scary and busy and a great experience. I am so happy to be a part of such a positive good work. Thank you Habitat!”

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