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Family Spotlight | The Xiong Family

It started back in 1975 where my dad was in the Vietnam War fight alongside with the United States. My dad fight his life to get in the United States to bring his kids to have a better life and live like the American dreams and to give his kids a better opportunity. During that time of the war my dad was shot in the chest but he kept on fighting for his life to make sure his family is safe and to make it to the United States of America. My parents didn’t know much English when they came to the United States. They had a hard time getting jobs due to the bullet that is still in his chest, so he had to live on disability. My parents have 8 kids and it was hard to support all of us. But they fought and made sure we had food and clothes and, the most important, that was to have a house for us to live in. They did the best they could and I’m proud of them.
My story about myself, I was born and live here in Appleton, Wisconsin. My parents and my siblings we used to live in Appleton, but somehow my parents decided to move to Hortonville, where they can have a school bus to come pick us up for school to make it easier. I started from elementary through high school. I liked school very much but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go for later in the future. I graduated in 2004 from Hortonville high school. I went to work full time job straight from school and wasn’t the smartest guy to go college. I wish I could’ve challenged myself and achieved goals in college, of that case I don’t feel confident myself going to school anymore. But I know sooner or later I’ll find things that are better in life; I have dreams about having a house and having a family. So, I have to work for minimum wage jobs that don’t pay much. I don’t have the skills to get high paying jobs. I was married for 7 years and we got divorced about 10 months now. I have two boys and my dad we’re living with my brother and his family of 4 kids. So, at the house it is pretty jam packed and sometimes it gets frustrating, where we have no room or space for ourselves. So, me my two kids my dad we share a room together, it gets really crowded, full of our furniture and my sons’ toys. There’s times where I feel upset and sorry for my dad because he has no room for himself to put his clothes or have some quiet time for himself. For my two sons, I feel very upset, I just wanted them to have their own room where they can have their play set, toys and space. I thought about it for a couple months, to either try for the Habitat program, or I have to do something to support my two kids and my dad. I can see in the future that will change my life to a better place for myself, my kids and for my dad. I feel sometime I had wished for a long time that just came true as my wish and hope. My goals are to work hard so I could support my kids to have a better life and a place to call home. I’m very thankful for Habitat to accept me as a part of the program, making it one step closer to make my family dream come true.

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