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Habitat News

Family Spotlight | The Martinez Family

We are a tight knitted family, Arturo, Maria, Magdalena, and Luz. Back in the early 70’s, Arturo came to this promising land with only a backpack and a heart full of dreams. He was seeking better opportunities and a better future for a family that he knew he would later have. The American dream comes with sacrifices, determination, and faith. In July 1990, he married his wife, Maria, and in 1992 their oldest daughter was born. In ’95 and 98’, they welcomed Magdalena and Luz. They raised their three daughters in the heart of Chicago. There they rented a very small two-bedroom apartment for 12 years. Throughout the years, the crime got to a degree that it was no longer safe to raise a family. In the summer of 2004, they decided to move to Wisconsin, where they bought a two-bedroom mobile home. We knew that Wisconsin would be our forever home. As we got older, we began to need our own privacy and space. In September of 2015, a normal doctor visit turned into something else and we found out our dad needed an emergency surgery for a pacemaker implantation. He had a complete heart block. With that came an oxygen and sleep machine that takes up a lot of space. About a year or so ago we decided to apply for a safe and affordable home that we could call our own. We have always heard about the great things that Habitat does for families and the community. We know that by buying a Habitat home we are giving back to the community that has become our family and has sheltered us for many years. The approval of our Habitat home came as the best Christmas gift we have ever received, and we knew our dad’s sacrifice was worth it. Because of Habitat our future looks brighter and more promising. We are looking forward to partnering with such an amazing, caring, and compassionate organization. We look forward to every class, volunteer opportunity, and simply getting to know the organization as a whole. We are optimistic for what’s to come. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow and have a better future to continue to strive and achieve the American dream.

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