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Donor Spotlight | Anonymous Donor

To an Anonymous Donor

The future will be brighter. 

Al Grigg is on our Senior Crew.  He was doing a final clean up on one of our new homes when a father and his 10-year-old daughter stopped by.  The family lived near the home and wanted to talk to someone from Habitat. 

Al took them on a tour of the home.  The little girl said she had watched the home being built.  She solemnly announced that she had researched our charity.  She asked questions.  She wanted to know our work, who we helped.  Finally satisfied, she gravely handed Al an envelope. 

It contained $30.  Her father explained it was her allowance from the past several weeks. 

“I want this gift to be anonymous,” she intoned. “I worked for this money. I want it to work for someone else.” 

Al thanked her.  With that, they left.

To our Anonymous Donor,

We give you our solemn word that the money will be spent as you requested.  It will work and go to someone seeking a better future.   You gave all you had.  It will be paid forward again and again. 

You showed us why the future will be brighter. 

Best regards,

Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity 

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