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A Day in the Life | Site Support Volunteer Kris


The day prior to the build:

  1. Print a copy of the site support sheet and note the number of workers on site.
  2. Buy or refill gallon jugs of water (6-12) – amount will depend on the weather.

I tend to bring or refill 4 jugs (one for coffee, one for lemon aide, and two to clean coffee pot and pitcher at end of day) and individual bottles (2 per person or 3 per person in very hot weather) so that they can keep them close and not have to worry about spilling or getting dirt and debris in them.

  1. Make or buy cookies, bars, or donuts for break time.
  2. In the evening -Pack car with cooler, water, break snacks, and most important –site support sheet – in the event of an accident an emergency number is listed after the volunteer’s name.

Day of Build:

JIm Parker and Kris LeCompte in Greenville senior crew site support vertical

6:00am – Wake up sleepy head

6:45am – Stop by store to pick up ice for cooler and for lemon aide (amount depends on the weather)

7:00am – On the road (maybe a little earlier or later depending on distance to site)

7:30am – Arrive at site – check in with site leader – greet volunteers and check their names on list. Have volunteers fill out name tags if available (in site support bin). If a volunteer has not completed an information/disclaimer form (located in site support bin), have them do so before starting to work. Keep site leader posted when all volunteers have arrived. There are 2 site support bins – one with forms and the other will items for break and lunch.

7:45am – Morning safety meeting –after meeting collect signed safety sheet and put it along with site support sheet in blue folder in site support bin (sometimes it’s a scavenger hunt to find J – it may be in the trailer, by the picnic table, in a bedroom, the living room, or the basement depending on the build schedule. And if it appears to be missing in action just ask the site leader)

8:15am- Unload items from car and set up site support table which is usually by the site support bins. Find coffee pot, pitcher, cups, creamer, sugar, spoons, napkins, hand wipes or sanitizer, green cup holder, and anything else you might need to set up for break (which is at 9:30). Tape a garbage bag to table. (Tape is in the trailer and garbage bag is in bin)

8:30am – Locate first aid kit in trailer (on the floor on the left hand side as you enter the rear of the trailer) so you know where it is in the event of an injury.

9:00am – Take a tour of the trailer to see where building tools and supplies are located. One of the workers may ask you to get them something (it’s hard to keep everything in order so if you can’t find something is you are asked don’t let it bother you)

9:15am – Spend some time looking through site support bin to see what forms are in there such as an injury report, etc.

9:30am – Yahoo!!! Break time!!! Go out and gather the troops!! Enjoy getting to know some of the people on site. They are always a friendly bunch!!

10:00am – If you like to use tools, see if there is something you can do to help with the build. If not, see if there is anything else you can do.

11:30am – Set up site support table for lunch which is delivered around noon. Paper plates, etc. in support bin. The volunteers will sit at the picnic table and on chairs they brought with them, or where ever else they can find a spot.

12:00pm – Greet person(s) delivering lunch and assist them as needed. Call the troops in for lunch when the all is ready.

1:00pm – Clean up after lunch – if home owner is on site, send any leftovers home with them. If not, ask if other volunteers would like them. Use cooler to store perishables. Put away any site support supplies that will not be needed for the day.

2:30pm – Pass out water as needed.

3:00pm – Help with cleanup of work site

3:30pm – Pat yourself on the back for helping a family become a home owner!!!

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