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Staff Spotlight | Jose Rivera

joseHola, my name’s Jose, I’m an AmeriCorps member working on Continuous Improvement and I’ve been here for 2 ½ months. I’ve lived in many places, you could probably consider me like a nomad. I’m Puerto Rican, my family’s from the island and I grew up in Lowell, MA as well as Riverview, FL. I’ve worked in many fields, but my favorite jobs were United States Marine Corps, at Saint Cloud State University as an Outdoor Endeavors employeeIMG_0011 and Catholic Charities as a Youth Counselor. I love working at Habitat, it’s one of the few places you can see change for the greater good happening right before your eyes. Because I’m a nomad, I have the tendency to go on spontaneous trips, so usually on my off time I like to either stay at home on the couch and watch Netflix or go somewhere I’ve never been before. Canada was last month’s trip, also the place where a fox took my Crocs. I also like gardening and the idea of living off your own land. The one thing that’s very surprising to people if they ever find out is that I love Celtic music and used to watch Irish River Dancing with my mom when I was younger.

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