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Habitat News

Senior Crew Spotlight | Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson  
ReStore Senior Crew member Mark Hanson has been volunteering just over a year. He generously donates 3 shifts each week: a morning and afternoon on the sales floor and offers a morning as a Donation Ambassador picking up donations on the truck.


1. Tell us a little about your background (where you grew up, your family, your career, etc.)
I was born in Porterfield, Wisconsin and attended Marinette High School. I worked in the cleaning industry for 4 years. I recently got married and now have 3 stepsons.
2. What made you decide to volunteer for Habitat?
It is a very good place to help others.
3. When not volunteering with Habitat what do you do? (other volunteering, hobbies, work, etc.)
I am big Packer fan and love watching my grandkids!
4. What do you enjoy most about Habitat? (what work do you like most, what keeps you coming back, etc.)
The people I work with.
5. What is something about you that might be a surprise to those with whom you volunteer?
You couldn’t pay me $1 million dollars to jump out of a plane!

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