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Habitat News

Homebuyer Program | The Application Process

Not only are Habitat homes NOT given away, the application process is just the first in a long journey towards homeownership. Learn more about the process below! Have specific questions? Contact Family Services Manager, Jessica Fleek, at


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The family inquires about the Habitat program by calling, heading to our website or stopping into our offices on Midway Road in Menasha
During this inquiry, potential families speak with the Family Services Manager about the program. They receive an info sheet with income guidelines and other requirements and are encouraged to attend a Homebuyer Readiness Session

Families interested in learning more about the Habitat for Humanity program and process attend a Homebuyer Readiness Session
This informational session includes topics such as: What is Habitat all about? How does it work? What can I expect during the process? What is included with my home? What is not included? What are the requirements for the program?

The family will receive a pre-application to take the next step
Families fill out the pre-application and return completed application by the due date along with $25 application fee. Habitat has specific open periods for accepting pre-applications.

Mohcine PhotoFEEDBACK
Within 2-4 weeks of the pre-application period ending, the family will either receive a declination letter or an invite to complete the full application.
“Full application” includes eight hours of Sweat Equity to demonstrate commitment to the program, completing an application review with Family Services Manager and turning in the application within one month.

The application reviews begin
Three weeks | Habitat staff reviews and verifies the application information
One week | Financial review of the application
One day | Family Selection committee makes recommendations to decline based on Ability to Pay and assign teams for Family Interview

Two Family Selection Committee volunteers visit the family’s current housing for an interview. They look for need such as housing subsidy, structural, unsafe, unsafe neighborhood, inaccessible, inefficient, too expensive, does not fit family, and other factors.
Questions include: are you able to make $125 monthly payment toward $1,500 escrow savings? Are you willing to complete workshops and classes? Are you willing to work on your home and other’s homes? Are you willing to commit about 20 hours a month to Habitat for Humanity? Interviews last from 1 to 2 hours.

Family Selection Committee meets, makes recommendations based off interviews and recommends each family for approval or declination. These recommendations are brought to Habitat’s Board of Directors who then make the final decisions. Families who are declined are notified through the mail, the families who are approved get personal phone calls from members of the Family Services Committee.
From pre-application to approval, the process takes about four months.

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