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Family Spotlight | Basir and Madena Nazari

basir photoMy name is Basir Nazari born Nov/1990 in Afghanistan, Herat City, located at west side of Afghanistan. A nice and quieter than other cities in Afghanistan, Herat was popular for the best wine, and we still have 44 types of grapes. They just announced our Saffron became the best in the world for quality. I joined US army in Afghanistan as a linguist; I fought against terrorists shoulder to shoulder with the US Army. I served 5 years in a tough situation. I really loved my job, because I know we have been fighting for freedoms and goods of our country. In 2013 they started to pull out United States troops from Afghanistan as we started to get threats from terrorist groups. A couple times they attacked my house and my family and they were looking for me; they put a price on me either alive or dead. Anyway, let’s make the story short, I found out about the SIV (special Immigration visas). I applied for it. 3 years later after a long process and background check finally we were granted US visa and moved in Nov/2014. We really appreciate getting the visa program that granted a safe haven for me, my wife and two year old daughter. Before you guys ask me: “Why Appleton?”–Because we were looking for an inexpensive and welcoming community like here. After we moved here we had our second baby boy, his name is Adnan. He is my wife’s present. He was born on Valentine’s Day 2/14/2016. It was so hard having a baby without our family or relatives’ help, but since we were alone, we chose to have a baby to spend time with and not be homesick. We love this community. They are nice and kind people, we never had any problems. They always help us to resettle here; we are happy being here around you all. In addition to this two and half years living here I was be able to get my High School Diploma and started my college degree this spring, too. My wife is doing pretty good on her English lessons. She studied two years of Economy College in Afghanistan, and she will restart her college hopefully, soon, too. We are always believing in “No pain, No gain,” and we are ready to go for it, as long it takes us.

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