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Donor Spotlight | In Memory of Frederich Fahrbach – A Man Who Achieved His Dream

Fredrich Fahrbach PicturesWe are building a home on Williams Street due to a gift we never expected.  We wanted you to know the story of the donor, Fredrich Fahrbach.
A check came in early August large enough to sponsor a home.  There was no information with it other than “Death Benefit of Frederich Fahrbach.” 
A person of that name volunteered once for us in 2003.  He died May 30th of this year.  In calling the check issuer, we were informed only that Frederich Fahrbach had purchased an annuity in 2008 and listed our affiliate as the beneficiary.  There was no further information.
His obituary was only a few lines long.  There was no service.  A sister was mentioned in Appleton.  Only her name.  We took a guess and wrote a note saying thanks for what had been done.  Weeks passed.  And then a phone call. 
Fred’s sister said that Fred was her youngest brother.  He had been born in Appleton, attended Sacred Heart School, Appleton High School and the University of Oshkosh.  He worked for the state, himself and many others.  He loved the outdoors.  He was a character, a self-made man, one who did many things. 
It was always his dream to find someone, to start a family, to have kids and a home. 
He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2008. Those dreams had to be put away. 
We wish I could say it ended quickly.  We wish the passing had been painless.  But the reality of Fred’s life was that the last decade was hard and painful.  There were many, many treatments.  Many, many pains.  His sister knew he had purchased the annuity. She approved that he put us down as the beneficiary.  He never told us he did this.  He never told us why. 
The best we can think of is that the gift was Fred’s way of achieving his dream.  You see, death did not win in the end. 
Fred always dreamed of a family, kids and a home. 
The family is Basir and Madena.  Their kids are four, two and newborn. 
When it is built, Fred will have achieved his dream. 
Please say a prayer to thank all of those who plan to help us and never let us know. 

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