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Senior Crew Spotlight | John Nash

1. Tell us a little about your background (where you grew up, your family, your career, etc.)
As I was finishing my social work degree in Long Beach, California, my wife Nancy Haselow (who is from Neenah) and I married and moved to New York City. There, Nancy continued her career in international development/public health and I began working in social work.  Subsequently, I taught at community college in Wisconsin and then moved to Manila to join Nancy.  Nancy’s job has taken us to live in the Philippines, Cameroon, Senegal, Vietnam, and Cambodia. During that time, I worked at international schools as a school counselor, teacher, and school administrator.  Nancy is currently completing her commitment in Cambodia and will be moving to Neenah in March of 2018. Between now and then I plan on getting a job in the Fox Valley working in education or social work.John Nash cabinet installation vertical
2. What made you decide to volunteer for Habitat?
I find house construction to be interesting and volunteering at Habitat is something I have wanted to do for some time.
3. When not volunteering with Habitat what do you do? (other volunteering, hobbies, work, etc.)
Outside of Habitat, I enjoy spending time with family, volunteering at Fox Valley Literacy Council, reading, movies and, most mornings, getting outside into beautiful Wisconsin for an hour of running or walking.
4. What do you enjoy most about Habitat? (what work do you like most, what keeps you coming back, etc.)
I really enjoyed the construction training this past spring.  Its been great working on new builds and I am also a starting as a Habitat budget coach.  The two best things about Habitat are the work and the people (our families, the volunteers, and the employees).
5. What is something about you that might be a surprise to those with whom you volunteer?  
For a short while in my early 20’s, I was a police officer.

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