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Family Spotlight | The Beach Family

BEachI’m a single mother of 5 wonderful children. Four daughters and my youngest, a son. Their ages range from 16 yrs old to 11 yrs old. I am also a foster parent to 2 younger children, totaling my household to 8.20170414_173923

I have been at my current employment for 4 years. Working full time in home healthcare taking care of the young and young at heart and disabled clients at their homes. I love what I do! It makes me feel at peace knowing that I can put a little sunshine and make a difference in their lives.

In my early years…I was adopted at age 5 along with my younger and older biological brothers to a family in Kaukauna. They also have 2 older biological children. At age 10, my adopted parents divorced. At age 18, I moved out and dropped out of school. Between that time I met my ex and had 5 children together. At the time, I didn’t realize my ex had problems with drugs and alcohol. As I got older and “wiser”, I realized my family situation wasn’t “normal”. Between the 15 years¬†we were together, we got evicted a few times which caused us to move around a lot, getting in financial debt. But some good did come out of the relationship…I have 5 beautiful and respectful children, received my GED, and for the most part got out of financial debt, but was still barely making it.

Ever since I could remember, all I wanted was what I didn’t have growing up…A “perfect” family and a home with a “white picket fence”. I finally ended the relationship in 2012. Now I’m more financially stable than I have ever been, became a foster parent, have a newer reliable vehicle and good credit.

We are currently living in a 4 bedroom side by side and as my kids are getting older and wanting more privacy, I realized I needed more space and rooms. Between the help of my oldest adopted brother ( I couldn’t have done this without him. ) and I, I was able to get this far with the process of owning a home through¬†Habitat. And when my 7 children and I move into our FOREVER HOME, I will finally feel complete and have my home with the “white picket fence” with my perfect family. ( Note: my family may not be perfect but they are perfect to me. )

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