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Habitat News

Senior Crew Spotlight | Joe Bellmore

I grew up in Menasha, graduating from MHS in 1977.  Worked for a couple years, and then attended UW-O graduating in 1983.  Ran a computer programming company for 3 years.  Joined Xerox in 1986, my role was to design custom print solutions for large corporate data centers.  I did this until retiring in 2013.  St. Joseph Food Program then hired me part time as their operations manager.  I did this until fully retiring in September 2016.  Now I am a full time volunteer.  I have been married to my wife Chris for 32-years.  We have 2-children and 7-grandchildren.
I wanted to volunteer for something my dad Cal, and I could do together.  We both enjoy working with wood, so we became Trailer Flippers on Monday mornings.  I also volunteer alone on Wednesdays as a Senior Crew Member on build sites.
I also volunteer one or two mornings a week at St. Joe’s Food Program.  My favorite hobbies are Woodworking and Golf.
I feel strongly about providing individuals with the opportunity to attain Home Ownership status.  The Habitat approach gets the Homeowner to be part of the build process.  The part I most enjoy is meeting others with similar interest.  I just joined Habitat in January, and have participated in just about very step in the build process.  Never a boring moment.
I was born with a degenerative Hearing loss.  In 2004 I received a Cochlear Implant “Bionic Ear”  which greatly enhanced my hearing and allowed me to complete my Career.  I am an advocate for those with Hearing loss and encourage those to get the necessary help to lead a normal life.

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