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National Service and The Dance

In this month’s National Service update, Program Engagement Specialist, Paul Foppe, shares a few words on persistence and the positive spirit. The words may specifically describe AmeriCorps and Habitat but these special words can be applied to any area of your life. Take a moment to pause and think about the things swirling around in your life during this monthly transition. In short: keep going, remember the lessons learned and dance.A

One of the things that impresses me about Habitat for Humanity is that it keeps going. Setbacks and challenges happen. And Habitat keeps going. Government funding gets threatened, gets decreased, and gets increased. And Habitat keeps going. Teammates and colleagues have transitions too. Sometimes they move. Sometimes they have life events. And Habitat keeps going.

The month of August is full of all sorts of comings and goings. Many AmeriCorps members who started last fall are wrapping up their term. Some are continuing on in another term. Some are taking up another role in the movement. Some are embarking on entirely different adventures and are grateful to be able to look at what they did for their term. And then there are the AmeriCorps who started later and still have a few months to go and possibly are getting prepared to welcome new teammates any day now.

Throughout all of this, it’s important to take time to remember the lessons learned and how you want to embrace the dance that will be the next few weeks. Oh, the dance. Tell you a secret. I’m actually not that good at dancing. But I like the fun and the unexpected and the surprises that come with dancing. I like discovering who’s got the flare for dancing, who’s straight up solid at dancing, and who’s simply having fun being around all of this dancing.

On to the dance these next few weeks, just got to say thank you. Thank you for keeping the dance alive. And thank you for keeping the dance moving forward.

In service,
Paul Foppe, Program Engagement Specialist

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