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“My Tree” | A Note From 2005 Women Build Homebuyer, Diane

A quick note from Diane Beach, our 2005 Women Build homeowner:

Hello Habitat Team,
I was the homeowner of the 2005 Women Build Habitat house, and the ladies that helped me build me house were the best! They gave me a tree as a house warming present and it has thrived, well, at least until June when the storm came through. My precious tree came down in two sections from two different storms that were a couple days apart! I was very lucky that it did not fall on my house, but the first part fell partially on top of my gazebIMG_2038o (that I built myself!), and the second half of my tree fell right in between my gazebo and my pop-up camper! I was devasted! That tree has been with me since I bough my house!

It took me a couple days to get the idea, that I had found on Pinterest of making a bench of some sort from wood branches/logs from a tree. I thought to myself, ‘what a way to memorialize my tree’. It took me a while to finish it off, but I wanted to share it with you.  I planted some grapevines on each side so that they can grow up the sides and over the top for a canopy shade. I have more pieces/branches that I want to make into some trellis ideas to put around the yard! It’s my way of continuing my “thanks” for the opportunity that Habitat has given me!
Thanks so much!!IMG_2094[1]

Much love,
Diane Beach
2005 Women Build

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