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One Week Until Macedonia | Amy’s Thoughts

We find Amy amid a flurry of to do lists and nervous excitement as she prepares for her journey, in one week! What’s on her mind? Check it out:

We leave for Macedonia one week from tomorrow.  I have several lists in progress –  trip-related to do lists, shopping lists, work-related to do lists, home-related to do lists, etc.  I’m sure this is no surprise to those who know me 😊

I checked the weather in Macedonia and was shocked to see that it was in high 20’s and low 30’s.  Then I realized that was in Celsius, not Fahrenheit.  Whew!  In case you’re wondering, the conversion is T(f) = T(c)x1.8+32IMG_2621

Macedonia is 7 hours ahead of us.  We leave Chicago around 2:30 p.m. on Friday and arrive in Skopje, Macedonia on Saturday around noon, with short stops in Frankfurt and Vienna.  I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of our team, too.  Our group of 24 comes from all over the US and the world –  South Dakota, Utah, Iowa, Minnesota, South Carolina and Colorado, Germany and Poland.

I’m excited to participate in the great work that Macedonia Habitat for Humanity is doing to address substandard housing there.  Here are some alarming facts about housing there:

Macedonia is a tiny country, (0.15 times as big as Wisconsin).  2.1 million people live there, and over 30% of them live in poverty.  One-third of Macedonians live in apartment buildings.  The average age of an apartment building is 30 years, and they were built from pre-fabricated, low quality materials.  Because of poor maintenance, about 100,000 units in collective apartment buildings need immediate energy efficiency intervention.  Families spend around 1/3 of their monthly income on heating – not on total housing costs – JUST ON HEATING!

The more I learn about Macedonia and the people who live there, the more excited I get about volunteering there.  Now I need get back to work and start crossing things off my lists!

Amy and her daughter, Julie, leave Friday, June 9th from O’Hare. Please keep them, and the rest of their team, in your prayers as they travel to transform communities and improve lives around the world.

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