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Volunteer Spotlight | Driving Crews

What are the two Driving Crews and how do I help?
On the construction side of our work, we have Logistics volunteers.  
On the Habitat ReStore side of our work, we have our Donation Ambassador volunteers.
Our Logistics crews consist of 1-2 drivers and 2 assistants.  Drivers are provd4fa18b7-22d5-4bad-86de-ec686a9740e7ided with training and must have a clean driving record.  Everyone in this role needs to be able to lift 50 pounds.
The Logistics crews move trailers, materials and set up construction sites for volunteer workdays. They also do recycling and other movement of materials a
nd equipment as needed.
Currently, these crews start at 7:30am on Mondays and Wednesdays and finish typically in the early afternoon.  We’d like to start a Friday crew but we need more volunteers to accomplish this goal.
We also need subs for when drivers and assistants are not available.
This is a highly crucial volunteer need!  As we grow and serve more families, our construction schedule grows too.  Having volunteers to help prep the worksites is so very important.  Please consider if you can help in this way OR if you know of someone who might be interested, share this email with them.
Donation Ambassadors
Donation Ambassadors drive to assigned locations to pick up merchandise being donated to the ReStore.   To be qualified for this volunteer position you must be 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and able to lift 50 + pounds.   At your training session, you will learn about our donation guidelines, learn to determine the most effective roReStore donation ambassadors 2017ute, and all the tools/equipment that are in the trucks.   Yes, we have two trucks that we can use for this.   The shift starts at 8:00 am until you have completed the route for that day – usually done by noon; however, exceptions do happen.  These trucks go out every day of the week except Sunday.  A cell phone for the truck is provided for communication between the store and the truck if needed.
One of our current drivers has stated that he enjoys seeing other parts/sections of the Fox Valley and meeting new people. As an ambassador, you get to tell people about our mission of transforming communities and improving lives.  Another perk is that you become part of our fabulous senior crew.


How do I find out more or sign up?
Donation Ambassadors
Habitat ReStore, contact Harriet Robson or 920-967-8901
Habitat Construction, contact Jodi Isom or 920-967-8882

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