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Supporting a Friend | A Habitat ReStore Story

When you put in as many hours as our Senior Crew members, your fellow volunteers become more Clint Scooterfamily than friends. This was the case at the Habitat ReStore last week when the volunteer family rallied around one of their own:

“Clint Robson is a physically challenged volunteer at ReStore.   He gets around on a motorized scooter which he has had for 11 years.   The tread on the tires was nearly all gone and the walls of the tires were cracked.   He found he could buy new tires on (to support Habitat for Humanity) but then there was the installation problem.   Mark McMorrow, Ralph Wurdinger, Pete Blahnik, and Terry Schmidt took on the task of replacing the tires.   Various reasons were given for helping him – ‘he is our buddy’; ‘we just like him’; ‘what are friends for?’; and ‘it was great helping a co-volunteer out’.   Clint’s response was that he was sure glad they did that for him.

These gentlemen never knew each other before they started volunteering at the ReStore and through their time volunteering, they have become ‘buddies’.   They are not only helping with the Habitat for Humanity Mission, but are also helping each other while volunteering.”

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