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Senior Crew Spotlight | Ed Hammond

My wife Jane and I have been happily married for 38 years. We have three children Jim, Heather and Melissa. Jim is a traffic coordinator, Heather is a middle school teacher, and Melissa is a marketing manager. All our children live in the area. Jim is not married, but both girls are married. We have four grandsons who range in age from 1 year to 7 years. Family is a very significant and enjoyable part of our lives. Jane still works part time for Thrivent Financial.

Volunteering has always been a part of our lives throughout the years. We still volunteer at our church, we have volunteered at the St. Joseph Food Program and St. Vincent DePaul. I was a member of the ACES Policy Committee, as well as the Catholic Central Campus Board. When our children were younger I coached T-ball and middle school basketball for several years.

I retired from Appleton Papers in April 2013 after 41 years of service where I performed many management functions from supervisor, to new machine production startup manager, to area manager, and finally finished my career spending 12 years in corporate as a procurement segment manager. My career at Appleton afforded me the opportunity to travel globally on business to China, South America, and Europe numerous times.

Upon retirement I took six months before making any life decisions. I reviewed many volunteer opportunities, looking for a good fit for me, and the organization. I decided on Habitat for Humanity, drawn by the aspect of building homes to help deserving families. During my first build season in 2014 I quickly realized that maybe building was not my forte. I was approached by David Leonard at a Red Shirt Breakfast about joining the Monday Logistics team. This has been a great fit and I have been a member of logistics ever since, as the assistant driver. The work and workload varies each week, keeping it interesting, and the work runs year around. I have met a lot of great people working for Habitat over the past few years.

My interests other than Habitat are pretty simple, I love to spend time outside when the weather is nice gardening, lawn care, going on hikes, and biking. My wife and I love to travel. Our best vacation since retiring was a two week vacation touring Alaska where we had three grizzly bears walk right next to our tour bus in Denali Park. This June we will be taking my oldest daughter’s family to Disney World, the grandsons are at the right ages of 7 and 5. There is no better feeling than seeing young children awe struck with the magic of Disney for the very first time.

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