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Senior Crew Spotlight | Antti Suomi

I was born in Finland. I came to the States for the first time in 1972 as a trainee on dairy farm. 1976 I was able to get green card to stay permanently and in 1981 I became a citizen of US. Working on the dairy farm got to be a bit too much after getting married. (I wanted to have some family time also.)
Antti 1
I worked as farm implement mechanic first, then as a heavy truck mechanic and eventually ended at Pierce Manufacturing as an assembler. At that time I also went to school to get my mechanical design degree, which allowed me to get in design work at Pierce. After 26 years with Pierce I retired 2015.

I am married to Rose over 35 years. We have two sons and two granddaughters.

Over 10 years ago, while working a cubicle job I needed some more physical activity so I called Jodi and found myself on first construction site in Hortonville with Bill Ott as site leader. I liked it so I continued every other Saturday until my retirement. Now I usually work 3 days a week.

I enjoy cross-country skiing whenever there is even some snow. Unfortunately there isn’t always snow so I enjoy biking as well.

The best part of working with Habitat is the people. Working with the senior crew is awesome. There are so many nice and interesting people. I am not big in socializing but I feel like I fit right in even with my Finnish accent. Antti 2Unfortunately my hearing is starting to go south making it harder to communicate in bigger groups. Please be patient with me.

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