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Volunteer Spotlight | Jenni Eickelberg

Jenni Eickelberg is the queen of event management!  She is super organized, meticulous, diligent, pays attention to detail and cares deeply about the organizations she gives her time to.

Jenni first got involved with Habitat through her employer, Thrivent Financial.  She has volunteered multiple times at our local worksites and our ReStore.  In addition, when Jenni heard about our new venture called Rock the Block in 2015, she immediately stepped up and offered her event management skills.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled.  From the first meeting to the present, Jenni has been remarkable in this role.  She serves on our planning committee for these unique Jennnand powerful events and she serves as “Queen of all” on the Saturdays of our events.  She helps us find a location to be our “command central” for each Rock the Block event, she works with that venue to organize all of the logistics, she then puts in a typically 10+ hour day on the Saturdays of each event to be the first one to arrive and the last to leave.  She ensures that everything is ready for our army of 250+ volunteers and she excels at keeping everyone hydrated, well fed and makes sure everything flows smoothly.  Ryan Roth, Habitat Community Development Manager said this of Jenni “She is invaluable as a volunteer in our Rock the Block efforts to serve families in four Fox Valley neighborhoods this year.  She has jumped into a leadership role in event planning and preparation and our organization is made stronger because she is on our Habitat team.  Her energy and passion for Habitat is contagious and a key to our continued successes.”

In addition to serving Habitat for Humanity locally, Jenni has traveled and used personal time to lead 4 Thrivent Builds trips internationally in El Salvador and the Philippines.

It is obvious that Jenni cares deeply about the community she lives, works and raises a family in!  Her volunteer portfolio is incredibly diverse and she never shies away from causes that will have a positive impact on those around her.  When I asked Jenni why she volunteers so much, she said it’s a part of who she is and how she lives her life.  She said her desire to volunteer stems from an appreciation to the people and places who made her who she is.  She wants to pay it forward and said she can only hope that others keep it moving forward as a virtuous cycle.  She is truly exceptional and outstanding!

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