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Habitat Construction | More Than Building New

For many years, our affiliate focused our efforts only on new home construction.  To this day, that is still what many people think of when they think of Habitat.  Of course, we still do new home construction and it is the majority of our construction work in any given year, but did you now we also do rehab and home repair Rehab Homeconstruction now too?

 When a family is approved into our home buyer program, they build and purchase either a new construction or rehab construction home.  Rehab construction involves Habitat finding and purchasing a home that needs some TLC.  We then set a construction schedule to improve that home and a family in our new home buyer program purchases it, with the same type of mortgage as a new construction project.

Home repair is another type of construction we do.  This is when a family who already owns and lives in their home applies to have repairs done to their home.  Once approved, we send in small teams of volunteers year-round who help that family keep their home safe, affordable and energy efficient.

Our Habitat Senior Crew are our core base of regular volunteers.  The Senior Crew volunteers who focus on construction help in all three aspects – new home, rehab and home repair.  Many chose to specialize and focus their efforts in one area over the others, but most help in all three areas and go where we need them most.

Did you know that many years ago, a small team from our Senior Crew created an amazing Construction Manual which is still used to this day?  Did you know YOU can access it any time you want to?  Our full construction manual is on our website.  Simply click here to access it (please note the manual is currently “under construction”. Check back in March for the 2017 update!).  If  you sign up to volunteer with Habitat on a new construction project, you can look at the manual before you come out to volunteer and you’ll have a very good education of what you’ll be doing onsite that day!  Of course, our fabulous senior crew volunteers will also train you “on the job” too.

In addition, during February, one of our construction supervisors (Kevin G.) also leads hands-on construction training at our heated warehouse in Menasha.

 If you’d like more information about anything listed in this article, please feel free to contact Jodi Isom.

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