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Donor Spotlight | Meal Donors

One of the great ways we show appreciation to our hard-working construction volunteers is by providing lunch to them at Habitat worksites.  Lunches are donated by local individuals, families, groups and restaurants.  Lunch donations range from pizza to subs to burgers to homemade gourmet specialties.  One thing every lunch has in common though is the gratitude of the volunteers who eat it!

In 2016, our lunch donors fed well over 5,000 volunteers lunch!  We wish we could list every donor because every person who donated food is so appreciated.  We are so thankful for you!

First Pres FoodThis list represents local restaurants and individuals who donated lunches or treats to Habitat volunteers multiple times in 2016.

Restaurants:  Culver’s of Darboy, Jimmy John’s, Mark’s Eastside, Domino’s Pizza, Neenah Dairy Queens, Glass Nickel Pizza, Kwik Trip, Topper’s Pizza, Taco John’s and Michiels.

Individual lunch donors that donated four times or more in 2016:  Liane Butitta, Kay Hendrickson, Amy Cebulski, Marcie Burrows, Kris Grasley, Monica Wildermuth, Jeanne Bellin, Joan Walber, Jeremy Wheeler, Vivian Schutte, Ronda Gillam, Maxine Krause, Cathy Paynter and Lou Hull.

Our volunteers really appreciate this perk and the only way we can continue to offer it is by having generous people sign up to feed our volunteer crews!  If you’d like to donate a lunch or treats to a Habitat crew of 5-18 people, simply contact Jodi Isom to find out more and sign up. or 920-967-8882.  Jodi has an email group for food donors and emails them approximately once a month listing all food donation needs.  You sign up when it works for you and you’re sent a reminder and thank you letter.  Meal donations to Habitat for Humanity are tax deductible.

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