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Volunteer Spotlight: Affiliate Logistics Crew and Trailer Flippers

Volunteer Spotlight:
Affiliate Logistics Crew and Trailer Flippers
Volunteers Logistics 1
Next time you volunteer at a Habitat worksite and all of the materials, tools and equipment you need or the workday are there waiting for you, thank our Logistics & Trailer Flipping crews!

This amazing group of behind-the-scenes volunteers works tirelessly every Monday and Wednesday (and every day of the week during Rock the Block) to ensure trailers are moved, materials are onsite and ready to go, recycling is taken care of and SO MUCH MORE!

Monday Logistics Crew: David Leonard, Ed Hammond, Al Grigg, Craig Jungwirth, Chuck Campbell

Volunteer Logistics 2Wednesday Logistics Crew:
Dale Walber, Ron Hooyman, Fred Shaffer, Gary Krupka

Substitutes and Extras:
Mike Berger, Steve Coburn, Tim DeHart, Keith Glass, Dave Hegg, Lou Hull, Terry Jachowicz, Bob Lundt, Doug Schacht, Kerry Watson

There’s also another behind-the-scenes crew who works every Monday to “flip” our construction trailers. This means they go through a trailer after it’s been onsite and restock it, clean and organize it and gVolunteer Logistics 3et it ready for the next worksite.

Trailer Flippers Include:
Al Grasley, Dave Hegg, Wayne Lannoye, Corine McCarthy, Glenn Mintern, Mike Murray, Barb Rucks, Fred Shaffer

We are so incredibly grateful to these volunteers! They keep us on schedule and enable us to be ready for volunteer crews to build, rehab and repair homes in the Fox Cities.

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