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Thanking All Our Veterans

Our Senior Crew is a dedicated group of volunteers who commit to a regular volunteer schedule. They serve our mission through their time and talents! Many of this group also served our country through military service. Today we’d like to spotlight and thank a few of those members:

Thank You
Bill Brennan
Branch: U.S. ARMY Years: 1969 – 1993
Proud to have served with all of my Armed Forces Brothers and Sisters as we worked to preserve the freedom enjoyed by all Americans.

Steve Coburn
I was on active duty 1967 – 1971 and then spent another 17 years in the Army Reserves.
I was a Combat Engineer/Ranger in the Army and served two tours in Vietnam.

Bob Cowling
Army, 1954-1956.

Fred Ebbesen
Sgt, USAF; Nov 22, 1965 – Feb 17, 1969
Served in Colorado, Kansas, Thailand, Georgia

Jerry Friesen
Army from 1960-1962. Staff Sargent in Port Lewis, WA

Peter Fronsee
I was in the service with the US Marine Corps.

Richard Gallagher
US Navy retired 20 yrs. I retired on my birthday and I enlisted on my birthday in 1978.

Dave Heyn
Navy, 1969 to 1973

Gary Krupka
Served in the army 1969 to 1971 with a tour of Vietnam for 1970 to 1971 as a HUEY helicopter
maintenance mechanic / door gunner crew.

Gary Lallensack
United States Air Force. I served 4 years from Dec of 1968 to Dec of 1972.

Bill McCarty
I served in the Army from 1973-75 in the Army. I was stationed at Fort Riley (Big Red One) and then spent 12 months living in Germany. It was a great experience as my wife and I were able to travel extensively including seeing the now infamous Berlin wall.

Henry McKenna
He was in the U.S. Navy from 1969-1973. He was a construction electrician E-3; Seabees MCB3 at DaNang south Vietman
and then a MCB5 at Port Hueneme, CA.

Mike Murray
Army 1958-1960

Dave Niedbalski
I served in the Army for 3 years from 9/68 to 9/71. I was in Viet Nam from 11/69 to 11/70. I was assigned to the 369th Signal Battalion and worked on the top of a small mountain top called VC Hill just outside of Vung Tau on the coast of the South China Sea. The site was a major microwave relay station for military communications. I was assigned to work in one of the buildings as a repair and maint technician. The best part of the job was that the building was air conditioned, not for our comfort but because the equipment generated so much heat the equip would have failed. After my tour I spent the last year of service at Fort Sheridan, Ill which was just north of Chicago on Lake Michigan. The Fort was closed in later years. I worked in the M.A.R. S radio station which was used by overseas military soldiers to be able to make free calls home via short wave radio at that time.

Clark Nienow
Captain, U.S. Navy Retired, 20 years of service

Clint Robson
Clint Robson was in the U.S. Army from 11/1954 to 11/1956. During that time he spent 18 months in Germany with the 4th
Division Headquarters Company. He worked in the motor pool. He was discharged at a Spc 3. One year ago he had the
privilege to go on an honor flight to Washington DC to see the Memorials. It was a fantastic trip. Anyone who has the
chance to do this, most definitely do so.

Raymond Schmoeker
Navy 3 years

John Schwiesow
NAVY 1969-1973

Mark Steine
US Navy 1971 – 1975
Served on the USS Tripoli LPH-10 for 3 years

Paul Vander Heiden
Army 1968-70 Vietnam vet

Paul Yee
U.S. Air Force, 1971-1975. Flew a truck, working with Minute Man missiles

Wayne Ziebell
US Army 3 years 1964 to 1967 stationed in Germany as a company finance clerk

Other Senior Crew Veterans that we know of include
Mike Berger
Rich Bongers
Bob Christenson
Mike Davis
John Ewen
Jim Langedyke
Al Merrill
Ed Polacek
Louie Thein
Pete Wallace
Ralph Wurdinger

Thank you to ALL veterans!

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