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Honoring Sid Landsverk

Last Saturday, we dedicated the home of the Morales Family, made possible by the generosity of Sid Landsverk, longtime Habitat supporter, Senior Crew member and large part of our Habitat family. Through the Golden Hammer Legacy Society, Sid was able to leave a donation to the organization when he passed, continuing the homes, community and hope he helped build during our time with us. 

The celebration was bittersweet; we were able to celebrate his spirit surrounded by his family and friends while acknowledging the Sid shaped hole still left inside our hearts.

The measure of a man is how they affect others. Sid Landsverk affected his family, this community, and, even after death, families like the Morales.

And we are all better for it.landsverk-family

Years ago, a young Sydney Landsverk, Sid’s granddaughter, was on a student council asked to suggest a charity for the school to fundraise for. “’I know! I know!’ she shouted ‘Habitat for Humanity! My grandpa works there all the time! He builds houses, he volunteers, he helps families…” with the words pouring out of her like a dam bursting. Sydney knew her grandpa loved people and that Habitat was a way he showed it. Her grandpa WAS Habitat to her. And I think Sid would be proud to know this.

Sid saw his senior crew as family. He loved to volunteer. He loved to be on our board.   He took great joy in helping families build their homes. It was a labor of love to him.

Sid was a voice pushing for Habitat to grow.   He dreamed of what we could be. He was on our board when we went from the equivalent of a young child to the adult we are today. He saw before many how this community could be helped by people working together.   We hope he would be proud of what we have become.   We thank him always for guiding us.

Sid came to our offices even as his illness would prevent him from talking. He visited everyone and typed out his questions on his speaker asking what we were doing. While the conversations took forever, he smiled and loved the growth. We knew he loved us.   And to know he wanted a home to be part of his legacy gives us joy.

LLL BuildSid did not die. He was a man of faith who lives through us.   He lives in the Morales and their home. This dedication honors what he honored: that good people can do good works that last forever. We thank Sid.   We are part of his legacy.

May God bless Sid Landsverk forever. Thank you Sid. Because of people like you, the Morales have built their home.



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