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Global Homebuilding Success | Guatemala

Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity recently began a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Guatemala. Our affiliate has sent two groups to build in the county (2015, 2016) and began tithing in 2016. The families we partner with are living new lives thanks to the generosity of our Fox Cities community. Here’s a story of Michelle and her family:Michelle and Family

Dear Fox Cities Habitat,

Michelle and her children and nieces in their new shelter.

Michelle opens the door for her children as she steps into her own house, folding her umbrella. She tells about where she used to live, her mom’s house, a stone’s throw away.

“It was tight,” says Michelle, widening her eyes. “There were three rooms, and four of us. Everyone wanted their own space. And on top of the ruckus of my girls, it was too much.”

“And,” she adds cautiously, “my mother has a character…”

Just like her mother had done years ago, Michelle applied for a Habitat house so that she wouldn’t have to pay it all off at once. And it’s made a huge difference, something that Michelle didn’t expect. Her children had been living in numerous houses simultaneously, but now that Michelle has her own house, she and the children’s father decided it best for them to live with Michelle permanently.

“In my mother’s house, they weren’t going to have a future. It’s best that they have a place to be. I want my daughters to have a stability and a future,” she explains. “Whatever happens, they can defend themselves because they have this place.”

Through your donation to Habitat for Humanity Guatemala in April, you are making a huge difference. Seriously. You are enabling families to experience something they haven’t felt before: security. In Guatemala, it’s common that families move from home to home without ever feeling like they have a sense of permanence. By supporting Habitat Guatemala’s rotative fund, you are enabling low-income families to access their own homes without paying excessive interest.

Those are the families who are often forced to move from home to home, searching for a permanent and sustainable way to live. For Michelle, the house is much more than roof over her head. It’s a stable base for her children, a source of family security. And that is an extraordinary change.

We are so thankful for your support and your partnership and for the role you play in supporting Guatemalan familiesMichelle and Family. We have enjoyed being apart of the Thrivent team hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Ebbesen for
the past few years and we do hope we get the chance to strengthen our partnership in the future.

My best,  Steven J. Cook
Hábitat para la Humanidad Guatemala

Now accepting applications for our 2017 Guatemala global homebuilding trip! Contact Vaya at (920) 967-8891 or via email at for information on how you can get involved. 

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