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AmeriCorps Week | VISTA Alum, Joe

Joe Hentz is the perfect example of how the AmeriCorps VISTA program is designed to benefit organizations. Through his graphic design, knowledge of online systems and more, he created systems and templates that the organization continues to use today. While we’d like to think we got more out of Joe’s experience than he did, his wife, foAmeriCorps VISTA AlumJoe Hentzrmer ReStore AmeriCorps VISTA Megan, would beg to differ.

Joe joined the Habitat team in July of 2008 and served two year-long terms with the organization as an Outreach Specialist VISTA. He helped transform the look of the organizations printed materials to a more professional style and helped Habitat transfer to a new email system that was more beneficial to the organization.

“Besides meeting my wonderful wife and fellow VISTA, Megan, my favorite memory would have to be the first electronics recycling at the ReStore. It was a crazy and rained the whole day. We had electronics sitting in the parking lot for over a week because of the unbelievably large turnout.”

After two years of service, Joe learned a lot during his time with AmeriCorps.

“AmeriCorps taught me how to live well within my means. Being poor is difficult, but it is a bit less difficult when you’re able to make an impact with the work you do.”

Joe and Megan reside in Southern Wisconsin and are expecting their first child this spring.

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